BLE Temperature Sensor with Probe

Model: NEO-1P

The BLE Temperature/Humidity Sensor with Probe is a very flexible and accurate temperature sensor operating from -55°C~ 125°C ± 0.5°C  /  -67°F~257°F ± 1°F



The BLE Temperature Sensor with Probe provides the ultimate solution to monitoring micro-climates in difficult conditions, and the most extreme environments.

Our iMatrix Neo Sensors are durable, accurate, and provide the solution you need to monitor nearly any environment. They connect to our proprietary cloud system through any of our gateway products, and can also be accessed through our smartphone apps. The BLE Temperature/Humidity Sensors with Probe work much like regular BLE Temperature/Humidity Sensor, although we recommend them for more extreme situations, such as environments below freezing or in intense heat. 

The NEO-1P sensors has IP65 waterproofing, and works whether you place it in a wet, humid space, or an extremely dry storage area. This sensor has an extensive temperature range, which allows you to monitor readings in intense temperature conditions: -55°C~ 125°C ± 0.5°C/-67°F~257°F ± 1°F

Submersible and waterproof up to 30 meters (100 feet)

The NEO-1P sensors include a two meter (6 foot) connecting cable. This allows plenty of reach for placement, and it’s incredibly durable with a stainless steel casing that repels oxidation (and rust) as well as wear and tear from regular use.  

Our iMatrix NEO-1P BLE Temperature Sensor with Probe can be used to monitor:

  • Temperature sensitive products in shipping and logistics
  • Frozen and refrigerated vaccines
  • Biospecimen products
  • Hospitality products
  • Specialty food and beverage
  • Much, much more!

These temperature sensors provide the ultimate solution for monitoring and recording temperatures in any environment. Incredibly easy, accurate, and durable, they’re suitable for home hobbyists and commercial operations alike. 

What makes the Neo sensor different?

  • Readings every 60 seconds
  • Connect multiple gateways for up to 128 sensors
  • Monitor the most extreme conditions
  • Perfect when wireless monitoring isn’t an option
  • Cost effective, user friendly solutions
  • Read temperature in wet and dry conditions
  • Stainless steel enclosure prevents rust and damage
  • Measure humidity up to 100% RH
  • IP65 waterproofing

Let iMatrix sensors be your smart solution!

Device Specifications

Note: All Specification subject to change, please consult for latest specifications or additional details.