BLE Temperatue and Humidity Sensor with Display and Probe

Model: NEO-1DP



Neo DP

The iMatrix Neo DP is a new advancement on the Neo line. It maintains the same high level accuracy and efficiency, with an even more user friendly interface. This new sensor comes with an LCD screen to help you see your environmental readings in real time. The Neo DP still has all the functionality of the original Neo, but is designed to make it easier to view your readings in person. 

This sensor includes an external probe, making it ideal for areas where wireless signals may be weak. Not only that, the probe is also ideally suited for more extreme environments, as well as those in which there’s less room for the main sensor. 

Why Use the Neo DP?

The Neo DP takes environmental readings every sixty seconds, and uploads them directly to the iMatrix Cloud System. This is great for monitoring readings remotely, but the LCD screen also makes it easier to view your readings when you’re on site and need to see your readings. 

You can still see current and historical logs of your environmental readings at any time- the LCD screen simply makes it easier to view conditions in person. You can still set alerts for ranges of conditions to alert you if you’re not there to check the monitor in person. Not only that, the probe allows you to monitor more areas than ever, even when other sensors can’t get to them. 

If you need even more security for your environmentally sensitive storage, try pairing our Neo DP with the iMatrix Century 1. The Century 1 is a door monitor, which adds an extra level of protection by alerting you when the door to your storage is opened. If you need to know your sensitive stock is safe even when you’re away, this combination is the way to go. 

Key features:

  • Probe extension for reaching difficult spots
  • Ideal for more extreme environments
  • Pairs with Century 1 for added protection
  • Custom alerts for ideal conditions
  • LCD screen enables easier in-person readings
  • Access readings in person or remotely
  • Takes readings every sixty seconds
  • Extensive log storage (even without uploading wirelessly)